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We are connecting smart people to smart teams. Specializing in hybrid and remote opportunities. Partnering with progressive companies building sustainable business practices through a smart, diverse workforce.  

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what others say about Us

Larry Rosa

Workforce Stabilization Supervision

Ernie C.

Vice President

Charles Wetzelberger IV

Lead Application Developer

Desiree is absolutely amazing at breaking down barriers and drawing talented individuals to seek career satisfaction. Through nontraditional methods of social engagement her results created a world class cybersecurity culture at my former employer.
Her passionate understanding of unicorn herding filled positions quickly and with best of breed candidates. Those candidates now oversee critical thinking strategies for cybersecurity in many fortune 50 companies globally as growth is key in successful business development.
Desiree's gifts and talents extend her effectiveness light-years beyond anyone who came before her, and likely anyone who would try to catch up with her. She proved to be totally equipped, enthusiastic, and willing to conquer the challenges we faced building a new career culture. It would be an absolute honor to work with her again in this capacity, she is herself a thoroughbred unicorn.

Carl Alexander

Information Security Manager

Once again, thank you so much for your attention and know how in getting us a good fit.  Your patience and preserverance helped us get to the finish line. 

Peggy H.

Legal, Real Estate

I've worked with Desiree in the past. She is has a wealth of knowledge about Technology, and more importantly, people. She cares about work and for her, it's not just a job. She is well connected and well respected. I would work with her again anytime. Keep up the good work Desiree. We need more people like you.

Firas Hamza

Microsoft Global Director

Awesome news! It has definitely been a long journey but I also believe we have the right person to lead this effort. Thanks to each of you for finding ways around roadblocks and staying persistent and engaged the entire time. 

Nicole P.

Vice President

Matthew Phillips

JavaScript Developer at Bitovi

I am thrilled to learn there are people like you out there trying to find talent in new ways and supporting people in both their professional and personal passions.  Kudos to you for having the vision and bringing people together!

Kerry Haworth

Global Director

Desiree secured my previous position that proved successful for over 16 years. She fully qualified my requirements along with my experience, and was well versed in correlating my professional objectives with those of my present employer. I highly recommend Desiree as your solution path to professional growth.

Michael Bliss

Senior Storage Engineer

In my contact with Desiree, I have found her to be very willing to assist, great to talk to, and very helpful and encouraging in seeking new opportunities.

Ben Pister

Software Development Consultant

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